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Freuding Dental Solutions – Who we are and what we do

Freuding Dental Solutions is your partner for furnishing your Dental Office, Dental Laboratory, Dental School or Medical Office in the United States of America.

Freuding Dental Solutions GmbH is the representation of Freuding Labors GmbH in the United States of America. Freuding Labors GmbH is our planning and production partner located in Bavaria, Germany. All our furniture products are designed and manufactured in Germany with the highest standards in quality and durability.

Our partners design and furnish medical facilities with one special goal in mind: These facilities should become a place where patients, staff, and doctors feel comfortable and safe.

Freuding Dental Solutions offers the opportunity to profit from two types of furnishing solutions: Either choose single standardized products to upgrade your current setup or plan your venue from scratch and make your practice a unique experience.

Freuding Project

If you are dreaming of a venue which reflects your personality and wishes and are looking for one fully integrated furnishing solution, Freuding Project is the right choice for you.

You work closely together with our experienced architects and planning teams to develop a one-of-a-kind layout and furnishing concept which meets your every need.

Freuding Basics

Our Freuding Basics Lineup is designed for scalability and efficiency. These products make no excuses in quality and reliability yet offer highly competitive pricing, quick shipping readiness and self-installation through sophisticated and standardized manufacturing processes.

These products are the right solution for you if you are set on a tight budget or are just starting or expanding your office and are looking for the right partner.